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Advice and Help : Fall Prevention Resources

Falls are the leading cause of death by injury in our elder population. The CDC estimates that one out of three adults over 65 falls each year. Sadly, falls are also preventable to a certain degree. A broken bone, particularly a hip or pelvis, can often cause an irreversible decline in our older population. A lot of the prevention has to do with common sense - yet it is amazing that even in some of the most enlightened establishments that principle is ignored.  No one should be allowed to move into a senior care unit until the place has been fall-proofed.

If you are caring for an elder it is essential that you take an audit for fall and slip prevention. Some of the basics are:
- Loose rugs or flooring
- Light switches conveniently located
- Grab bars in bathrooms near toilets and showers
- Raised toilets
- Non-slip floor surfaces

Fall Prevention Center of Excellencer at USC is a fantastic resource to help you "fall-proof" your home. The CDC is another great place to find out more, check out their Fact Sheet.