Even the Experts Struggle with Eldercare

Advice and Help : Even the Experts Struggle with Eldercare

When eldercare affects someone else's parent, it seems, it's a little easier.  Evaluate the facts and then make the best choice, repeat cycle. Unfortunately eldercare is one of the messiest, most perplexing challenges facing us in the modern age. Parents are obstinate, children are bossy, people refuse to admit the truth, and decisions can be heart-breakingly difficult.

The New York Times has a great article called "Faced with Caregiving Even the Experts Struggle".  It recounts the personal sagas of some geriatricians as they struggle with the eldercare issues of their parents.  Perhaps the best part of the article are the reviews of a variety of books and articles about how different families have dealt with eldercare. 


Another book we highly recommend is "Finding Life in he Land of Alzheimer's: One Daughter's Hopeful Story" by Lauren Kessler.  What makes Ms. Kessler's book so interesting is its roots in her personal life - her mother suffered terribly from Alzheimer's, and after her death she takes a job at an Alzheimer's facility to learn more about the disease and its care.

Lastly, our colleague Ryan Malone of InsideAssistedLiving.com has prepared a terrific series of eBooks called "By Families, For Families Guide to Assisted Living".

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